Tom Hanks Quarantined In Australia As He Arrives For Filming Elvis Presley Biopic

Back in Action?

Tom Hanks arrived in Queensland Australia yesterday and is now quarantined in a hotel. The 46-year-old superstar is back to film the much anticipated Elvis Presley biopic.

Tom arrived on the continent in a private jet on Tuesday at the Coolangatta airport in the Sunshine State of Australia. Dual Oscar winner and his film crew were straightaway taken to a hotel.

According to a report, Hanks is not having his stay in one of the hotels which are a part of the quarantine scheme, this has come under criticism as a lot of guest staying in the policy hotels have complained about substandard food, small-spaced or dirty rooms, and a lack of ventilation.

Forest Gump star is residing in a resort in Broad beach, but he will not be allowed to leave till he has completed his 2-week quarantine as per the strict policy.

According to another report, Elvis Presley Biopic’s film crew has also rented numerous floors in the same hotel to continue production of the flick.

The Australian premiere of the Labour party, Annastacia Palaszczuk was asked on Wednesday in the Parliament, whether the actor was forced to quarantine in the hotel, she replied by saying that Tom was given a special exemption allowing him to stay in a private residence funded by the film production crew.

“The industry plan for COVID in relation to the screen industry is a plan that has been approved, just like there is for the resources industry, just like there is for the agriculture industry,” she said.

“Under that plan, they (Tom and his crew) have to stay in the place for two weeks, just like everybody else. They will have random checks, as is my understanding, by police,” Added Annastacia.

What is the Elvis Presley Biopic?

“Elvis” is a biographical film based on the American music icon, Elvis Presley. It stars Austin Butlers as Elvis and Tom Hanks play the role of Presley’smanager Colonel Parker. It is directed and co-written by  BazLuhrman. The movie is scheduled to release in theatres by 5th November 2021 after the movies initial delay of production in March due to the sudden rise of the virus, especially in Australia which preyed its way on Tom and his wife Rita Wilson, they were infected with the virus before their successful recovery in Gold Coast University Hospital.

Tom had recovered from the virus by April and had started donating his immune Plasma to help COVID-19 patients.

“Here’s last week’s bag of plasma. Such a bag!  After the paperwork, it’s as easy as taking a nap.Thanks @arimoin and UCLA. Hanx” cheered the actor.

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