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Smokey eyes are the most sought after, go-to, eye makeup look that all of us wish to master. No matter how intimidating this look might seem, with thoughts of letting a professional hand do the job to finesse, this beauty trend is more than easy to nail than you think. Be it a lunch date with your girlfriends, a romantic dinner date, or a powerful office look, smokey eyes are a trend that fits all.

Now, before we tell you those six easy steps to get the look which guarantees of having all eyes on you, let us also tell you a secret. Multi-coloured smokey eyes are a big trend to follow this season. And if there’s one colour that you should be expecting to see more of this year, inspiring feelings of peace and tranquility, it’s blue. Thanks to Pantone for announcing classic blue as the colour of the year.


2-Concealer & compact

3-Eyeshadow Palette

4-Smudge Brush

5-Waterproof Eyeliner


7-Eyelash Curler


Step 1: First thing first, NEVER skip on using a primer, be it on your eyes or the overall face before you use your hands like a magician to enhance your look, as a good base sets the stage for the rest of your makeup. Many people view this product as an extra cost to their make-up budget. But well ladies, if you got this right, then all your hard work stays in place. To prevent your makeup from smudging between those fine lines and wrinkles, gently pat some primer over your lids and under your eyes to ensure your makeup stays intact.

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Step 2: To create that sexy smokey look, one needs an absolutely clean slate to work on, which should be free of dark circles. And so, concealing is another important step that you do not want to miss. 
Among the many forms of concealers available in the market, a creamy concealer is the best choice to make, as it ensures it doesn’t settle in the creases as much. Using your ring finger and light dabbing motion, blend your concealer well to ensure all the dark circles are covered.

Step 3: A secret to every pro makeup artist, dusting some powder on top of your eyelids with a fluffy brush to set the concealer ensures the longevity of the eye makeup. While choosing a compact or loose powder, as they say, make sure it matches your skin tone.

Step 4: There are two types of smokey looks that one can play with. For an intense evening party look, a darker outer corner with a subtle shimmer on the inside works best. Whereas for an office look, choosing a dress-matching single shade from your colour palette creates a polished vibe. Mind you a smokey look doesn’t essentially have to be black. Add an element of surprise to your personality by playing with shimmery brown, pinks, navy, or charcoal grey to make yourself stand out of the crowd.

The two shade technique: 

With the help of a smudging brush, use a mid-tone colour and brush out the shadow from your inner eye moving outwards in pressing strokes. Make sure your entire eyelid is evenly covered before you get on to darkening the edges. Now to add depth to your eyes, choose a darker tone and make a sideways V on the edge of the eyelid. While your one stroke moves toward the lash line, the other stroke angles towards the outside of the crease. Again, one can opt to go with a darker shade of the same colour family, or else, if black is your thing, go ahead with highlighting those corners to intensify the look. 

The elegance of a single colour:

To create a simple yet stylish office look, pick any colour of your choice and blend well using the same technique as explained above. 

Step 5: Now that you have successfully mastered how to colour those lids, complete your look by applying a black or brown eyeliner to define your eyes. To transform your look from day to night, line your inner bottom lash line too.

Step 6: Hold up ladies! To finish your perfect smokey eye, layer on the mascara to create that legit look. Also, to make sure your lashes don’t get lost in those smokey eyes, use an eyelash curler for that extra oomph.