How To Take Care Of Dusky Skin?

Dusky skin is a show-stopper

Dusky skin is a show-stopper. If you are blessed with it, you need to ensure you give it enough TLC. This is because dusky skin looks very attractive if its flawless. However, a few marks or imbalance in the skin tone can make you look dull. Just like its fair counterpart, dusky skin requires attention and additional care to keep to looking young and supple. With a proper care routine, your skin will remain hydrated, free from pigmentation and you will experience a balanced complexion. 

Establish a good beauty routine 

  1. Remove your make-up, daily. There is no exception to this. Use a gentle product such as cleansing milk or micellar water or, better still, a particularly gentle cleansing oil formula. 
  2. Do not compromise on moisturising it. Use a moisturising cream based on your skin type, twice a day. Once in the morning and later in the evening after your cleansing routine. You can also use serums if your skin is very dry or scaly. 
  3. Battle oily skin. A small concern of people with dusky skin is that their seborrhoea is more active than that of fair skin. This creates a shiny and sometimes greasy look. A mattifying hydrating gel will slow down sebum production.
  4. Avoid products with fatty substances such as butters and oils on the face. They may clog the pores and promote the appearance of pimples. Do not squeeze the pimple as it can leave a mark easily. 
  5. Avoid dark spots. dark skin is sensitive to pigmentation more than it is to the sun. Even a small pimple or acne increases the risk of melanin accumulation in that area. This can leave scars or dark spots. Use a good BB cream and sunscreen to prevent any kind of damage. Exfoliation will help you get rid of dirt and thus keep acne and pimples at bay. 
  6. Apply a hydrating night cream before going to bed. This is a good way to regenerate cells and gradually remove the dull appearance of dry skin. 
  7. Choose the right products for dusky skin: If the skin is combination type, opt for a day cream that is mattifying and hydrating. Use mattifying products and emulsions rather than creams. If the skin is oily opt for a sebum-regulating cream.
  8. Beware of skin lightening and brightening products. They aggravate scars and can have disastrous consequences for dusky skin.

What is your dusky skin care routine? Share with us in the comments section below. 

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