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You Won’t Believe What’s The Secret Behind Hilary Duff’s Spotless Glowing Skin!

Get ready to be introduced to the other side of the world!

Apart from wondering how these celebrities manage to stay fit and toned all year long, another thing that we often wonder is how do they always pull off a perfect skin look. Do they put on loads of make-up? How do they then do the damage control to retain the goodness of natural glow?  

To answer these questions, Hilary Duff in a recent video with Vogue takes us through her skincare routine, the one that introduces us to the other side of the world, the one where fashion and glam are always a priority. 

#Basics: Sanitize and Cleanse 

So you must be thinking that the first step to any good skincare routine is washing your face nicely, right? Hilary Duff thinks one step ahead. She begins with sanitizing her hands, a step that has become all the more important given the current international health crisis. 

This is followed by an even application of toner. Duff revealed how her recent pregnancy lead to patches of depigmentation on her forehand and therefore her go-to toner choice is one that works on even toning the skin. 

What’s new though? 

Alright, we see you’re getting impatient to know what are some of the insider tips that the diva gave. One of the things that she mentioned particularly helps her in waking her skin up and gives her face a smooth look is a message beauty roller. This is a beauty product tool that is available in multiple brands but is often rarely used. Even when it is used, it is done to relax skin before going to sleep. Hilary Duff recommends that anyone with a busy schedule and growing age must try it out in their main makeup routine itself. 

Another secret revealed by the actress was emphasizing on eye makeup to give yourself an edge. Hilary Duff’s idea of an ideal look is one where she can communicate that she has put some effort into dressing up and is looking fresh as a daisy. She believes that giving eye make up due focus helps in doing that. For instance, she usually puts an eye shadow gel, powder, mascara, eyeliner, and under-eye cream to make sure that her eyes never cease to do the talking! 

You can watch the whole video right here: 

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