Beating The Trials Of Time, Jennifer Lopez And Her Forever Love Affair With…Hoop Earings!

The unofficial ambassador of hoop earrings!

During her decades of reigning the spotlight, Jennifer Lopez has been dishing iconic style statements that everyone from Gen X to Millenials have been swearing by. But while her dressing game is on point, one part of JLo signature style that has not been getting the ample limelight it deserves is her hoop earrings. Yep, if you ever wanna look up the different designs and types of hoop earrings that have ever graced this planet, just hit up Jennifer Lopez’s social media pages and scroll through the spectacular “hoop”-fest she has going on!

For anyone who singles out hoops into categories like “normal”, “Meh!”, “not glam enough” can put their unaware fashion knowledge to rest. The Hustler’s wonder has been seen rocking her hoop earrings at everything from a casual photoshoot, a candid click, and even the red carpet! Jennifer Lopez is the living embodiment of the facts that a) hoop earrings can never go out of style and b) you are unworthy of the title of being a “fashionista” if you don’t have a gazillion hoops in your get-your-glam on collection.

From what we observed, thanks to LEFToye’s crazy fangirling gang, the hoops Jennifer wears are almost always oversized and carry a multitude of various details that set them apart from plain hoops. But again, Jennifer rocks the simple ones with the same magnetic charisma!

1. Her personalized hoop earrings

Jennifer Lopez has been spotted on multiple occasions, rocking the Ciara Large Hoop earrings, by Jennifer Zeuner, customized to feature her name in uppercase block letters. If that’s the glam look you had been planning to pull off, JLo is all the inspiration you need. 

2. Jennifer Lopez and her classic golden Samira hoops by Jennifer Fisher

Apparently the unofficial brand ambassador of hoops everywhere, she can be seen in two of the most coveted objects- Jimmy Choo x Timberland boots with a Swarvoski crystal outhole and the wonderful Samira hoops designed, by Jennifer Fisher, both minimal and elegant at the same time. 

3. Flaunting her nickname, JLo with a diamond-covered pair of nameplate hoops

These flashing pieces were worn by Jennifer Lopez after performing at Sunday night’s Super Bowl halftime show. Custom-made by Lana Jewelry, it carried the initials the world knows her by, “JLo”, in 10 carats of diamonds, worth more than $30,000 and glorifying the famous nickname the world knows and adores her by. 0

“She’s J.Lo to the world, but Jen’s been my muse for more than 10 years,” designer Lana Bramlette shared. “I could immediately picture what I wanted to design for her — we both love a bold, in-your-face hoop.”

4. Can we just dupe these as Jennifer Lopez’s “engagement earrings”?

While Alex Rodriguez proposing Lopez, with a picture-perfect sunset in the background, is inarguably spectacular, one cannot not see Lopez’s sparkly hoops- $4,600 Mattia Cielo pair, covered in real diamonds.

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