Celeb Fashion: Hollywood Sensation Kylie Jenner’s Extensive “Purse Closet Tour”!

Need we attract you more?

She’s 21, mother, to-be billionaire businesswoman, and has a walk-in closet in her new-age palace dedicated to purses. Need we attract you anymore? Hollywood sensation Kylie Jenner opened her purse closet to the globe last year, and we’ve gone bonkers over it since!

Can one imagine owning an entire closet only housing bags just at the age of 21?

On her YouTube channel, the queen of celeb fashion Kylie posted a video titled “My Purse Closet Tour”. With it, we inevitably got to know how successful her cosmetic business ‘Kylie Cosmetics’ has become, and how heavily she can spend on bags, specifically Berkins! Well, the Kardashians have always led the Hollywood entertainment industry. According to Forbes, contemporarily, Kylie Cosmetics is a company worth $900 million at the least.

Her epic “little room” of purses and more

Just a collection of very expensive bags belonging from high-end brands around the globe! In the video, Kylie expresses her joy after having made “a little room for them” in her house, and goes on to say, “it’s all custom, they have like a little home, and be lit up really pretty.” She claims her favourite row of purses to be the one dedicated to Hermes, that mostly comprises Berkins. She has been collecting these bags “for a minute” and also establishes that they’re a great investment!

Hold on, did she pick her favorites and inspire celeb fashion in Hollywood yet again?

She points at a bag and says, “This one is really special. If my house is on fire, I would take this one, out of all of them, if I could only choose one. That is a Himalayan Niloticus Crocodile Hermes handbag in matte rose gold.

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The one bag that she thinks of as “the most unique and cool” would be the dalmatian printed Hermes Birkin. She also exhibited her love for classic all-black handbags that account for a large part of her closet.

Last Christmas, Courtney Cox gave her a cute little Hermes purse in hot pink, and she wants it to be the first purse that her daughter Stormi Webster carries from her closet.

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Jenner also talks about another Louis Vuitton mini bag that she got during her childhood from her mother Kris Jenner.

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Her sister Kim Kardashian gifted her a lipstick shaped Judith Leiber bag, that she is really fond of, being the queen of lip-kits herself.

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The Xupes x Zero London Louis Vuitton bag is a striking one in her collection. It is a painted portrait of Kris Jenner with the text- “Girls Just Wanna Have Fund$”. Her closeness towards her mother Kris Jenner and her goal of earning a few million dollars is vividly reflected in this bag.

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There were pictures of the closet on Kylie’s 145.6 million followers holder Instagram and Snapchat accounts.

Now, we had a vivid look of the same. Kudos, Kylie!

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