Joe Biden’s Inauguration Day Becomes The Greatest Fashion In Politics Moment

“We kept the silhouette very structured and tailored, because that’s who the Vice President is.”

Joe Biden’s Inauguration day has taken the internet by storm not just for political reasons but for fashion in politics. 

From the moment that President Joseph Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris arrived at the Lincoln Memorial on Tuesday night, to the final note of the virtual concert that capped the inaugural rites and celebrations, it was clear that fashion was the conduit, ruling its way. 

The new administration used what they wore to tell a story to the world with eyes all on them. And it was impossible to ignore the range of designers represented in a spectrum of colors, which could be seen through screens, in layers of garments.

Dressed in a non-dramatic ensemble that signified intent, Joe Biden’s inauguration entrance was made in a suit, coat, and mask by Ralph Lauren- a fashion brand that has a history of dressing America’s political elite.

Harmonizing Biden’s razor-edged single-breasted wool overcoat worn over a single-breasted suit in navy blue was a Windsor-knotted blue tie, matched to First Lady’s elegance.

Joe Biden’s Inauguration Day
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Dr. Jill Biden and now First Lady of the United States always stuns. However, taking it to the next level this time, she wore an aquamarine tweed coat, dress, and mask designed by a young designer named Alexandra O’Neill. 

And then the stage was taken over by the first Indian-American, first black woman vice president of the United States, Kamala Harris, for her historic vice-presidential oath.

Opting to wear a purple dress designed by two Black designers, Christopher John Rogers and Sergio Hudson, at the swearing-in, Kamala Harris sent a message to the country that Black designers have arrived on the scene. Completing her look, she wore her signature pearls from the Puerto Rican jeweler Wilfredo Rosado along with the politico’s little flag pin.

It was a huge day for Hudson as he also designed the pair of heels worn by Vice President Kamala Harris for the occasion, apart from dressing other political elite.

Accompanying Harris was her husband and the Second Gentleman, Doug Emhoff, who also opted to wear a Ralph Lauren suit.

And finally, for the evening, the newly minted Vice President Kamala Harris addressed the American people at the inaugural concert, Celebrating America, on Wednesday, wearing a chic ensemble designed by Sergio Hudson, yet again.

The evening look comprised of a sequin cocktail dress and floor-length silk tuxedo overcoat for the occasion. 

Elaborating on the details of her outfit, the designer told Harper’s Bazaar“We kept the silhouette very structured and tailored, because that’s who the Vice President is. But the liquid sequins give her glamour and shine because her influence and the way she’s broken barriers is a light for so many of us. She shines so we can all shine.”

The sartorially elegant ensembles worn by US president Joe Biden, First lady Jill Biden, Vice-President Kamala Harris, and Second Gentleman, Doug Emhoff, were not the only hottest trends in the making. Numerous striking style moments were in order

One of the most striking and the signature colour of the inauguration turned out to be purple. 

While Kamala Harris wore the colour at the swearing-in, Dr. Jill Biden wore a purple coat, dress, and mask from Jonathan Cohen to the Covid memorial service.

Joe Biden’s Inauguration
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Following the trend, the colour was also worn by Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, who made an entry in a grape pantsuit by Ralph Lauren, as did Former Lady Michelle Obama, whose wide bootcut plum trousers belted with a gold buckle, turtleneck, and structured coat by Sergio Hudson struck the balance between understated elegance and power dressing.

Joe Biden’s Inauguration Day
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