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Kim Kardashian Is Reinventing Fashion With Neon Shades Left, Right And Center

A neon green wig!

Nobody beats Kim Kardashian when it comes to taking fashion leads from. And when the queen of fashion tells us that neon is IN, we believe it! 

Here are four moments when Kim Kardashian showed us how to slay a neon look: 

Printed lime green and yellow neon dress 

If we were to close our eyes and imagine a green neon dress, the image that comes to our mind is a tacky and sparkling one, right? People often dislike neon because they feel it is over the top. But when Kim Kardashian takes on a trend, she makes sure she shows us all sides to it. Her high pony and lime dress look went viral because of how casual and basic it looked.

Hot pink goes neon pink 

We’ve seen pink as a shade being played along with for decades. From baby pink to hot pink and now to neon pink, it is interesting how this colour has been adapted and readapted to go with the contemporary trends. Another outfit by Kim Kardashian that broke the internet was this pink dress with a mid-cut giving it that extra oomph factor. 

Grey body fit dress with them hair! 

The best part about fashion is that it always keeps evolving. Our typical understanding of neon fashion is wearing apparel that must be of that shade, right? Look here, this diva goddess has transformed the whole concept and wore neon green wig instead. Yup, shift your focus from that dress to those locks that are no more just blonde. Her new lime green avatar was also twinned with the Lamborghini that got papped alongside her.

Hey, neon can be comfortable too

Now that we have seen Kim Kardashian mostly dolling up in skin-tight dresses that perfectly expose her figure, it is now time to take a second look at the other side of her. She was recently spotted in this fuzzy neon orange sweatshirt with a pair of innovative trousers and big sunglasses. 

Outfit, check. Wig, check. What is the next big innovation that we see coming in from Kim Kardashian soon?