Princess Diana’s Wardrobe In The Crown Is Inspired Right From The Original Closet

The Crown crew nailed Princess Diana’s character to the T.

Arguably the greatest fashion icon of the 20th century, Princess Diana’s timeless sense of fashion was a large part of her legacy. Be it her famous or infamous looks, Diana’s impeccable style left a mark in the fashion world. Needless to say, she is named as the most powerful royal fashion influencer.

When news came in that Princess Diana would be introduced in season 4 of The Crown, the anticipation about her character was rather high.

Portraying real people on screen is not an easy task, and given to portray a curious mixture of incredible maturity and immaturity like Diana’s is certainly not.

However, The Crown crew nailed Princess Diana’s character to the T. From newcomer Emma Corrins’ careful characterization of the late princess to the incredibly detailed work of the costume department, the series has left the audience in awe.

Talking about Princess Diana’s fashion sensibility from the series’, lead costume designer, Amy Roberts said, “What I think is fantastic about The Crown is the journey of Diana from this kind of girl that’s not particularly fashionable, and she’s shy, wearing these bobbly jumpers.

It was so amazing to go from that and take her into this fantastic, streamlined, extraordinary woman.” 

From the muted colour palettes of post-war in the first two seasons to bright and bold hues in the third and fourth season, Amy Robert blurred the line between real and reel. She recreated the Princess’ progression to royalty.

Let’s take a look into the portrayal of the Princess, who seemed like an outsider in her own class. 

Princess Diana’s Yellow Dungarees

At a polo match at Windsor in 1981, the real Diana wore yellow dungarees with Peter Pan collar, when she was just 19 at the time. 

The same interpretation of the original ensemble is recreated for Emma Corrin in the new series. 

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Diana’s Iconic Sheep Jumper

When Princess Diana wore her “black sheep jumper” to Windsor Polo in real life, it was taken to symbolize her outsider status within the Royal Family. In The Crown, she wears it for a lonely night in, watching TV at Buckingham Palace.

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Engagement Outfit 

Prince Charles and Princess Diana’s engagement announcement is the most well-remembered moment in history that Roberts chose to perfectly recreate. The matching blue hues won hearts!

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The Iconic Princess Diana’s Wedding Dress 

With a 25-foot train and 10,000 pearls, co-designer David Emanuel didn’t want to downplay Diana’s most famous fashion moment – the 1981 royal wedding. Recreating the same magic, Amy Roberts went all-out. 

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“What do I remember? What do you think about it? The sleeves, the bigness of that, and that huge, long, great train. That’s what I have to achieve,” Roberts said in the 10-minute behind-the-scenes costume featurette.

It took 14 weeks to get the dress together.

Colours And Prints

Princess Diana had a penchant for bold colours and prints. Emma sported a same pink chequered pants with a plain sweater.

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Australian Tour Dress

Amy created another one of Diana’s real Australian tour dresses that made an appearance during episode six. Though recreated in a slightly different shade, the detailing remained the same.

Blue gown

Princess Diana’s gala dinner fluttery blue dress in Sydney during their 1983 Australia tour also made it to the series. 

Royal Opera House Dress

The Crown used a Bellville Sassoon dress- the red polka dot tulle gown that Diana wore at the Royal Opera House in Covent Garden watching a ballet performance. 

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Catherine Walker Gown

At the Cannes Film Festival in 1987, Diana wore a Catherine Walker gown and matching stole. Interpreting the same style, Emma wore the same dress, but in a different colour. 

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Cream gown

For a dinner at the Elysee Palace in Paris, November 1988, Diana wore a cream silk dress with beaded embellishments by Victor Edelstein and a matching bolero.

Emma wore the identical outfit!

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