Priyanka And Nick Got Named The Best Dressed Couple Of The Year And We Absolutely Cannot Keep Calm!


Priyanka and Nick started the celeb wedding season last year and have been melting our hearts with adorable Instagram posts since. Our desi girl has been quite an international celebrity for a few years now and juggles her life between different countries of the world.

In recent news, Nick and Priyanka have bagged the title of the ‘Best Dressed Couple Of The Year’ by the People magazine.

Priyanka and Nick set a record!

Every year, People magazine announces the best-dressed celebrity for the year but this is the first time that they’ve announced a couple’s name instead of an individual. Looks like, they too could not resist appreciating the duo for their coordinated lovely outfits.

“The combination of the two of them is so exciting to watch. Nick Jonas is not exactly someone who just wears a black tuxedo and stands next to her on the red carpet. You can tell that he enjoys fashion as much as she does!” said Andrea Lavinthal, People’s style and beauty director.

Priyanka-Nick’s look book for the year:

There are two types of people in the world – one, who work in extremes, either they are in pajamas with messy hair or they are dressed fine enough to walk a red carpet – there’s nothing in between.  And second, who are always perfectly dressed, no matter what. Nick and Priyanka are certainly the latter.

“Even walking down the street in New York City, they are not in jeans and a T-shirt or casual pants. She is in a head to toe look, and so is he” said Porter, the TV series Poise star. We could not agree more!

Let us quickly glance through the looks that contributed to the couple’s victory.

What is the popular duo currently up to?

Apart from making public appearances hand in hand in New York and bombarding social media with PDA pictures, Priyanka and Nick are having a rather eventful year on the professional front.

Priyanka’s ‘The Sky Is Pink’ is slated to release this year and she will soon begin shooting for Netflix’s ‘The White Tiger.’ Nick, on the other hand, is on a roll with the Jonas Brothers doing the ‘Happiness Tour’ concerts around the globe.

We wish you all the best, cuties!

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