The Neon Trend Is Going Big This Season And There’s No Way You Can Look Away

Embrace your inner wild child and bring out all the ultra bright greens

Glow in the dark stars, amazing smelling highlighters, fun face paints…There’s something about the colour neon green which instantly reminds you of days of childhood and unending joy. Well lately, the neon trend seems to be taking over Bollywood and we are simply elated that it is.

Interestingly, it seems like one of those quirky trends which simply catches on sans much prompt or planning from the fashion community. Honestly, given the infectious energy of this colour, we are hardly surprised that the trend is getting stronger by the day.

Thus, to put it simply, neon trend is here to stay and it is time you embrace your inner wild child and bring out all the ultra bright greens that you have been too shy to put on all this while.

Also, it is one of those no bars trends where there is simply no way you can overdo it. Thus, right from neon nails to neon boots, let your imagination run wild because the options are so limitless!

While neon has been making its presence felt in the Western fashion scene for quite some time now we are guessing the trend probably caught fire in Bollywood with the super catchy “Hookup” song and caught on from there.

And as we talk of the trend, for their easy affinity neon green and black seem to be going really big as a combination. The convenience of styling seems like the most obvious reason here but we are not complaining and you won’t too once you take a glance at all of these looks:

Adorning animal print and neon green together, Divya Khosla Kumar shows us how to do it like a pro:

We have already established that there’s no limit to how and where you wear this colour and Janhvi Kapoor seems to be living by this mantra as she saunters around in her neon greena nd black gym gear:

And here’s Hrithik Roshan wrapped nicely in some neon goodness:

And here are Karan Johar and Shahid Kapoor glowing to glory in their neon sneakers:

Neon green and pink seems to be the next big thing after black and we like it slighlty better for all the right reasons.

Just look at  Sara Ali Khanan in this neon ensemble with a pop of pink and decide for yourself:

Then there’s Malaika Arora Khan in her bright neon jumpsuit and candy pink pumps which will simply leave you wondering if neon could ever be done better than this look:

Here’s the goddess in another neon number:

Apparently, neon green and ivory is a thing too and we are swept away by the freshness. Kareena Kapoor shows you how to make even neon green look subtle. Now that’s some talent you guys!

But waite, did we tell you that Sara Ali Khan is really REALLY riding the neon wave? Here’s proof:

Lastly, what’s your take on beige and neon together? We think it’s time to thaank Kiara Advani for this refreshing inpiration:

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