Designer Anamika Khanna On How Today’s Bridal Look Is Less About Bling And More About Individualism

What’s your ideal bridal look?

“I have to attend four weddings in the month of January, of which three are in my family itself!”-  this is a common complaint as the wedding season is almost upon us and it is hard enough to decide an attire for one function. But that’s nothing compared to the turmoil a bride goes through, to decide the ultimate bridal look. And the dilemma has gotten only heightened as brides now are less about the “bling” or what their parents want and as veteran designer Anamika Khanna puts it, it is more about seeking individuality in the look they choose. 

“Modern brides”, as Anamika Khanna, explained have shifted their focus in a way that the bridal section has seen a major change in type and design. 

“There’s a huge and interesting shift. There was a time were brides were told by their folks what to wear. But today, they know what they want, they have a mind of their own. They have done their homework. They are independent, well-travelled, educated and know who they want to be. This is one day when in their blender they get to use craft and zardozi and hard work and realise every dream. That’s a big shift,” said Anamika Khanna.

“Not every bride today is necessarily running after bling. Of course, there are some traditions that don’t change. For instance: wedding day in India is a traditional custom and the brides want to wear a traditional lehenga. But they are getting really individual. They want to realize their dreams and be the most beautiful bride in the whole world,” she added.

When asked about how she would describe her own style, she explained that when it comes to fashion, she is a “simple dresser” who is not like “colourful, vivacious energetic dresser.” I’m very subtle and the minute I’m pushed out of that space, I feel uncomfortable,” she said.

A testament to the evolution in the dream bridal looks, Anamika Khanna believes that the fashion industry makes one “evolve every few months, every few hours”.

“You reinvent yourself, you find a new space and I feel as become much more confident than what I used to be personally,” she said. Hailing from Kolkata, Anamika Khanna is one of the first Indian designers to have an international label and her tough yet lesson-worthy journey has taught her “to respect people’s craft and tradition, to respect people’s sentiments, respect who they are with, come from and what they think about what is important.”

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