Beard Dandruff – Grooming Routine For Different Skin Types

Are you growing the beard to waste?

Beard dandruff, often seems to be like the cost you pay for the sex appeal your beard offers. Dry, peeling skin, itching and irritation are just a few of the nuances. And then there are the snowflakes that appear to steal the aesthetics too.  

However, beard dandruff can be managed with little care. Just following a regular routine during your daily grooming is an effective way to prevent dandruff while getting rid of those nasty white flakes.

To begin with, you will need to understand the causes of beard dandruff and how your skin type can affect it. Read on to know more on how to tackle beard dandruff for different skin types:


With dry skin, flakes are a common phenomenon, especially if you don’t moisturize your skin and beard enough. Begin with moisturizing your skin daily and follow it up with beard grooming products. Beard oils are great for short beards, whereas for long or medium length beards, you will need to use a beard balm. The moisturizing ingredients present in the balm or oil help in balancing the sebum and keep dryness at bay. 

Beard oil: Apply a few drops of beard oils in the palm of your hands, rub and apply on your beard massaging effectively so that it is absorbed in the skin. It is recommended that you apply it on a dry beard in the morning after washing your face. If your skin is prone to more dryness, apply it twice a day. 

Beard balm: With its thicker texture, beard balms help in retaining the natural moisture and form a protective layer on the skin. Thus, your skin remains hydrated for a longer time which prevents beard dandruff. Rub a small portion of the balm between your palms and apply it on the beard. 


Oils and balms can make your skin greasier and increase the build-up of dead skin. Poor maintenance of the facial skin accentuates the appearance of dandruff film. To combat this, wash your face daily with a mild beard shampoo or soap. 

Facial scrub: In order to exfoliate your skin and get rid of the dandruff film, use a facial scrub once a week. This helps you eliminate all the dirt, dust and grime that settles on the beard and skin. Do not overdo it for better results. Excessive scrubbing can damage your skin and the texture of your beard. 

Sample routine to get rid of dandruff

Here is an example of a routine that brings together most of the points to create a dandruff disposal plan:

  • If you have time, exfoliate the skin to remove dirt, debris, and dandruff. This will also help you get rid of the dead skin cells. 
  • Clean your beard with a gentle shampoo so as not to irritate or dry the skin.
  • Dry your beard with a towel after washing and getting out of the shower. Do not apply too much pressure or rub it hard with the towel. You can even use an old t-shirt to dry your beard. Rinse your beard with warm, not hot water.
  • Exfoliate your skin at least once a week.
  • Apply beard oil every day and even twice a day if you feel it necessary. When using a beard balm, do not scrub it at the roots of your beard. Apply it only on the strands. 
  • Brushing your beard makes it fuller, denser and well-coiffed, while evenly distributing the beard oil (and the natural oils of your skin) throughout your beard. Use a delicate beard brush for it.
  • Before you brush the beard, you can use a narrow-toothed beard comb. This will help get rid of the dandruff flakes. 

Because beards and dandruff seldom work together, it’s up to you to act. Feel free to share with us, further down in the comments area, your tips and remedies to overcome them.

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