What Causes Beard Dandruff And How To Avoid It?

This is one thing that you want to avoid at all costs!

If you are bearded there is one thing that you want to avoid at all costs- beard dandruff. This generally results in the appearance of residues in the form of flakes on the surface of your beard or at the level of the collar of your t-shirt. This also results in redness and itching.

Even if dandruff is a phenomenon that tends to be generally located in the head and hair, you may have already realized that your beard is not spared.

What causes beard dandruff?

Your skin naturally contains a microbe Malassezia Globosa. And it has the annoying tendency to develop in the “oily” zones generally rich in sebaceous glands, responsible for the production of sebum, such as the head or the face.

This microbe present in your body is responsible for controlling the production of sebum by your body. However, this also results in excess traces of oleic acid on the skin which can result in skin irritation in some men. And the more you have oily skin the more this microbe will be present, thus creating more oleic acid and so on. 

In case of some men, the cell turnover rate is faster too. This is the rate at which your skin renews itself. Generally, a skin renewal cycle lasts about 30 days. If for you, this process is faster than the average, this can result in a faster accumulation of dead skin and therefore lead to the appearance of beard dandruff.

But if you notice the appearance of flakes on your beard without redness or irritation of your skin, you may have just dry skin. Another avenue may be that you do not clean your beard enough allowing the accumulation of oil and dead skin on the surface of it.

As with hair, there are two types of beard dandruff

Dry beard dandruff: This is caused, as the name suggests, by dryness of the skin and hair. Particularly common in winter, when the skin tends to dry out, they can be visible due to their propensity to weave along the hairs.

Oily beard dandruff: This is the consequence of excess sebum. This tends to itch, and forms a layer of dander at the base of the hair, against the skin.

How to avoid beard dandruff?

Once you’ve managed to get rid of dandruff, it’s important that you keep your routine based on exfoliating, cleaning, and moisturizing your beard. To prevent dandruff from coming back, exfoliation will be your best ally. It will speed up cell renewal, unclog pores and leave your skin cleaner.

Remember to regularly pay attention to the condition of your skin. Does it seem dry or irritated? Do you notice the appearance of pimples or black dots? These indicators will allow you to adjust your routine.

Once you get rid of your beard dandruff, you can avoid seeing it come back by maintaining your routine. Don’t let your guard down!

Bonus point: regular exfoliation avoids ingrown hairs, an ailment that affects as much bearded men as closely shaved.

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