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6 Times Ranveer Singh’s Moustache Became The Scene-Stealer

Can’t get enough of his moustache looks!

From the clean-shaven boy next-door look to the villainous Khilji, Ranveer Singh can pull off anything and everything with panache. The actor, who is known for his eccentric looks and his outlandish fashion choices, has on more than one occasion sported a moustache and totally nailed the look.

Let’s take a trip down memory lane and revisit a few of Ranveer Singh’s iconic moustache looks!

1. The Chevron Moustache 

When Ranveer Singh first shared his look as Kapil Dev, the uncanny resemblance took the Internet by a storm. But what also caught the eye was the chevron moustache he was flaunting. Besides making hearts race for he looked suave as ever, Ranveer also reminded us that a good chevron never goes out of style!

2. The Typical Cop Look 

Leave it to Ranveer Singh to make the ordinary seem interesting. For Simmba, Ranveer went for a mostly clean-shaven look albeit the moustache. We’ve seen the quintessential moustache in all cop dramas, but the way Ranveer owned it sure left his fans mesmerized. 

3. The Bandholz Style 

Ranveer Singh was a sight to behold and looked every bit royal as he grew his beard longer than usual to play Alauddin Khilji. The freestyle moustache completed his look to perfection. The role required his beard to be slightly bushy and unkempt, but outside of Padmaavat, Ranveer definitely knew how to maintain the bristle and make the most of it.

4. The Handlebar Moustache 

The actor was seen rocking this look for Bajirao Mastani. A well-maintained moustache was a source of pride for the men of yore and Ranveer Singh totally aced it in his role as the Maratha warrior Bajirao. His curled whiskers became the talk of the town, for he developed a liking for them and refused to chop them off even after shooting finished. 

In a historic moment, his then girlfriend Deepika Padukone got her scissors working and cut his moustache, bringing an end to an era. 

5. Toothbrush Moustache

You won’t believe it but Ranveer has tried and slayed the Chaplin moustache as well! Albeit for a photo shoot for one of his brands, Ranveer totally aced his imitation of the legend Charlie Chaplin. Is there anything this man cannot do? We think not. 

6. The Classic Beardstache

A light beardstache is Ranveer’s staple and he carries it with utmost ease. From award functions to advertisements to photo shoots, the actor looks his best self with a tapered ‘stache and a light stubble. 

We don’t blame Ranveer though, for his ladylove too has confessed that hubby’s facial fuzz is a big plus when it comes to his looks.

Needless to say, Ranveer Singh’s moustache is a sensation in itself. His killer appearances over the years garnered so much attention that every snip became a major nail-biting event for his fans. 

His versatility reflects not only in his films but also in his experiments with his looks. We hope Ranveer continues to serve us with these uber cool looks for the world would be quite mundane without them!

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