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Over The Head Or Knotted At The Waist, Hermès Spring/Summer Scarves Collection Screams Elegance

Take notes, ladies! Scarves have become the absolute it-piece this season.

One of the most versatile accessories that enhances any ensemble with a splash of colour and print – a scarf adds sophistication like nothing else. Wrap it around the neck, use it as a headgear, or turn it into a top, there’s a whole world of possibility to exude style, one which will be remembered.

With vibrant colours and eye-catching motifs, luxury brand Hermès recently launched its Spring/Summer 2020 scarves collection, which has left us in awe. Conceptualised in collaboration with new artists who have been “inspired by the equestrian universe, dreams, or encounters”, every scarf tells a story distinct in nature. Ask anyone who has ever owned Hermès about the brand, and they would swear by the fact that it is truly an investment not just in style, but in innovation and craft. 

A brand steeped in history and tradition, Hermès exclusively uses the cocoons of Brazilian mulberry silk, which is considered to be the highest quality of silk. With an extremely fine thread, the production takes place in Lyon, France. Believe it or not, from the likes of Madonna, Nicole Kidman, Kim Kardashian, Elle MacPherson, Victoria Beckham, and Julianne Moore, the brand sells one silk scarf every 20 seconds.

Take a look at the many ways you can wear a Hermès scarf and let elegance be your style.. 

Inspired by a Bavarian treatise on equitation conserved in the Emile Hermes collection, the Della Cavalleria Favolosa scarf designed by Virginie Jamin features colourful horses on both sides of the silk.

A big theme in the design of luxury fashion products has very much become the game of motifs. Hence, Hermès which represents quality, craftsmanship, and timeless style has launched its never seen before innovative spring/summer 2020 scarves collection with summery freshness.

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What makes the brand’s scarves exclusive are the vibrant mix of colours that the designers have played with. From deep red, cerulean blue, orange to pastels, Hermès scarves in silk and cashmere can be tied in multiple ways on your body, which can accentuate your ensemble by many folds.

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