Tips For Photographing A Chiseled Jawline

Get the most Instagram worthy selfie!

Everyone dreams of having the most Instagram worthy selfie with the perfect chiseled jawline. But finding the right lighting and an angle that complements your face is no piece of cake. Here are some tips and tricks for capturing that perfect sharp jawline. 

With these, you wouldn’t have to worry about a picture turning out to be disappointing! 

1. Contour the face

Contouring the face through make-up is the easiest way to give your face an illusion of a chiseled jawline. Ideally, the trick is to prominently highlight the jawline. After you finish your make-up, slightly lift the back of your head and bring it close to the camera. This automatically accentuates the chin. No matter the type of jawline, as long as you tighten the skin around the chin area, the outcome is going to be pretty amazing.  

Final tip: Hold your breath until the photo is taken. This will give you a nice toned portrait photo.

2. Find the right angle 

A photo clicked in side profile is the easiest way to get a chiseled jawline. For the lucky ones, the front profile works equally well too. But for those who do not have a sharp jawline naturally, showing off your side angles can be an effective trick. This is also easy to follow on days when you feel a little bloated and don’t want the camera to directly focus on your face. 

3. The light and shadow understanding of the subject

Turning the chin towards the light highlights it, and hides the broader portion under the shadow. Learn to play around with natural elements. You may find different results in different surroundings, so take a few sample shots to gauge how these elements compliment your jawline.  

4. The light and shadow understanding of the photographer

If you move the subject’s nose towards the light, it will create a big shadow and highlight the jawline. Additionally, if the light is projected from a top angle, it will illuminate the cheeks, and create a shadow beneath the chin, ultimately defining the jawline. For a less dramatic and subtle feel, you can also try using a reflector underneath the subject’s chin. This will make the light bounce and lessen the shadow effect. These tips are very helpful for all types of jawlines.

5. Tips to photograph an overweight subject

If your subject is overweight, refrain from choosing to shoot at eye level. The best way to photograph a plus-sized model is to take the photo from a top angle, where the model is looking up at the camera. This will give the model a perfectly sharp jawline

See? It isn’t all that hard to capture a sharp jawline. Just follow these tips and you will be rocking your social media feed with many toned portrait shots. 

Happy clicking!

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