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Janmashtami Special: 12 Reasons Why Homemade Makkhan Or White Butter Is Healthy

This Janmashtami, vote yes for butter – Kanha’s favourite food

Often criticized for its high intake of saturated fats, is butter so bad for your health? Celebrity nutritionists like Rujuta Divekar have stressed on the benefits of local and homemade ingredients several times. In her column, Give Us Our Daily Butter, she insists that homemade makkhan or white butter needs to make a comeback in our diets. 

Both friends and foes, you don’t need to eliminate butter from your diet completely.
Just like in the case of every other food, moderation is the key. Use it, don’t abuse it. 

Here are some health benefits of butter that will convince you that Krishna’s favourite food must be a part of your daily diet too:

  1. Butter is certainly rich in saturated fats, but it also contains other compounds which could counterbalance the negative effect of these fats.
  2. Its fatty acids are excellent protectors of your heart and nourish your brain to fuel at full speed.
  3. Calcium present in butter facilitates the dissolution of fats, reduces blood pressure and weight gain.
  4. Butter also contains vitamin D which promotes the assimilation and fixation of calcium on the bones.
  5. Butter is a good source of vitamin A. In fact, two teaspoons of butter are a source of vitamin A that contributes to the growth of bones and teeth and protects against infections.
  6. Vitamin A also promotes better skin health. It also contains selenium which helps enhance the texture and elasticity of your skin. 
  7. Butyric acid present in butter has a protective role against certain cancers, including that of the colon.
  8. Ayurveda has mentioned the health benefits of white butter or makkhan in managing problems like insomnia, sexual issues and for better mental health. It is also recommended to pregnant women for supporting child growth. 
  9. Arachidonic acid present in butter is known to play a key role in healthy brain development in children. 
  10. Lecithin present in butter is known to boost metabolism and improve the assimilation of fat constituents. This can be helpful in your weight loss goals. It can also satiate your cravings. 
  11. The antifungal and antibacterial properties of butter help build better immunity. In fact, adding a dollop of butter in your khichdi or dal rice when you have an upset stomach or flu is an age-old remedy. 
  12. In addition, it plays the role of an antioxidant role and contributes to a good vision.

However, vitamins present in butter are degraded during cooking. It is best consumed when freshly made or in melted form as a dressing for food preparations. Also, store bought butter contains preservatives and salt. If you wish to reap the health benefits of butter, homemade white makkhan is your best bet. 

How to make white butter or makkhan at home?

Store cream or malai from milk in the refrigerator. When you have a bowl full of it, bring it to room temperature. In a blender, 1 cup add ice-cold water along with the cream and blend at medium speed for 2 minutes. Your fresh white butter is ready. 

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