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Who would deny a healthy and fit body, and yes you have to work for it. Apart from indulging in physical activities, it is equally important to be mindful of what you eat. This ensures better results on your body. Most noteworthy, here are certain points that you should keep in mind and apply in your routine.

Include and incorporate these eating habits in your life to see a better you. We all get attracted to bad habits or tasty food but it is important to give due respect to your body also.

  1. Detox your body: Knowingly or unknowingly we tend to feed a lot of junk into our body. Hence it is good to detox every now and then. At least once in 6 months is a good time to give your body some break and time to process. This will not just help to keep you fit but also manage your food cravings. For this time-period, try and follow a strict diet and keep your cheat meals to minimal. This may sound hard at the start but if you tend to follow it, this shows good results in the long run. This may become a healthy habit and hence a healthy life.
  2. Choose healthy food options even when eating out: With so many food joints available, it becomes too tempting to order or eat out. Home-cooked food tends to become boring after a while. So if you can’t resist eating out, try and choose healthy food options at least. As boring and sad this may sound, but cutting down the unhealthy junk sounds good for your body. Try and replace it with a healthy alternative the maximum time possible.
  3. Include Greens in your meal: Go Green! And try and include salads in your meal. This plays an important role in daily meals. Not asking to replace the meals, but at least include it with your meals. This will cut down on your main appetite and make you full with an added bonus of lesser calories.
  4. Increase your water intake and avoid aerated drinks: Like junk food, aerated drinks tend to add a lot of calories. Hence it is suggested to replace the same with more natural dinks like Lemon water, jaljeera or detox waters. Add drinking hot lemon water early morning to your routine, this will help in weight loss or maintain a healthy lifestyle.
  5. Avoid Processed Food: Any form of processed food is a big NO. This food may look tempting, but has adverse effects on the human body. The preservatives added in such foods are too harmful. It is better to avoid it in all possible situations. Eat fresh and un-canned food for a healthy lifestyle.
  6. Munch on fruits and healthy nuts: It is important to munch right. We tend to hog into a lot of things between our meals. So instead of opening that packet of chips, namkeen, much on healthy stuff like roasted nuts or fruits. They are healthy alternatives and also increase the water content in your body. Fruits are healthy and full of natural sugar that can act as a source of energy.
  7. Have your meals in small portions: This is a mantra, avoid having heavy meals, and rather divide your meals into small portions. We tend to eat a lot in a single meal, this results in overeating and we are hungry again. Divide each meal into 2 portions and eat every 2-3 hrs. This would cut down the food cravings for junk also.
  8. Keep an eye on your sugar intake: If you have a sweet tooth, it is surely bad news for you if it is not exhausted by the body. It is understandable how tempting is desserts, sweets, etc. But it is important to keep an eye on your daily sugar intake. Cut down on the same if it seems to be hampering your health, as it is a reason behind various diseases. Try and replace it with some natural form of sugar, processed sugar is even worst.
  9. Count your calories: Studies show that women should eat 1500 calories and men should eat 2000 calories. So be mindful and count your calories.  If you exceed this bar daily, this would lead to weight gain, which would be unhealthy. Better download a calorie tracker which would note your calories down according to what you eat or drink. This way, you can say bye to unwanted fat.
  10. Use fresh veggies and fruits: Start including Fresh veggies and fruits into your meals. They are a must to have daily. Try to buy those in the morning because they’re fresh and just bought. With growing day, they lose their nutrients which are not beneficial as they would be when fresh.

Try and include these points in your daily life and take a step towards a healthy lifestyle.

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