Tumhala Ati Delicious Poha Hava Ka? Try These Poha Places In Pune!

2 plates of Poha, please! But from where?

Poha….What’s that!

It is a form of flattened rice which makes for a popular breakfast meal in India. You can find poha virtually across the country in various forms. There are plenty of recipes that people try and it varies between different states.

Originating in Maharashtra, poha is a popular breakfast choice in multiple states including Karnataka, Odisha, Madhya Pradesh, and Gujarat. It is the go-to food for students as well as professionals as you can have a quick breakfast and go about your day. 

Whether you are having it as a snack or for a meal, you will get plenty of fiber and a healthy dose of iron and antioxidants. Due to its nutritional composition, poha is an ideal food if you are looking to lose weight. It’s easy to cook; you can ask Google baba to help you with a few recipes and there! A healthy breakfast is ready!

2 plates of Poha, please! But from where? Hereeeeeeeee

It would be an understatement to say that Punekars love poha. There are dozens of eateries and restaurants in Pune that offer this deliciously spicy dish. What’s more, each restaurant offers a unique set of garnishes in their recipes that include onion, peanuts and various condiments.

If you are in Pune, you ought to try these mouth-watering poha dishes from the following places:


This restaurant is located in Baner and gets its name from the poha capital of India, the city of Indore. The poha here contains onions, pomegranate seeds, Indori sev to make this a lip-smacking experience.

2.Amruteshwar Bhuwan

Poha’s versatility allows it to be consumed at any time of the day. This Erandwane-based restaurant offers midnight poha to quench the hunger of party goers, students and working professionals. Here, poha is served along with sambhar and chatni. *Raises eyebrows*

3.Bipin Snacks

Also located in Erandwane, Bipin snacks continues its 50+ year legacy for being the preferred poha place. They add coconut shavings to the mix, and allow you to choose from sambhar (*raises eyebrows part 2*) or their in-house chutney for a wholesome snack.

4.Shri Krishna Bhuwan

Located near the famous Dagdu Seth Ganpati temple, this restaurant offers the traditional Maharashtrian style of poha at pocket-friendly prices. This place has been a tourist hotspot for over 75 years. 

5.Sindhu Vadewale

Another gem from Baner, Sindhu Wadewale is the well-known place to enjoy this dish at, which is decorated with coriander leaves, coconut shavings, lemon and chutney. You can also try out their ussal poha which is incredibly popular among the locals.

6.Waah! Indore

Situated in Kharadi, Waah! Indore brings the legacy of Indore’s poha recipe with mouth-watering Ratlami sev, plenty of chopped onions and a special masala to make this a crunchy delight. Pair your poha with jalebi and ginger tea for the holy trinity of tastes.

Are you hungry, already? We Leftoye peeps just ordered for ourselves; want some? 


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