7 Exercises For A Curvy And Sculpted Butt

Get the perfect butt

Flat, drooping, plump… All buttocks do not have the same shape. But we all hope to have a curvier and toned derriere. Your butt is composed of the gluteus maximus (the largest muscle that gives the bulging) and small and medium gluteus (placed on the side). And to achieve a perfect shape, two factors are important: a healthy diet and butt exercises adapted to your morphology.

Here are 7 kickass exercises to get the perfect butt: 


Lunges are a complete butt exercise that can work all the muscles of the leg. Step in front with the right foot, placed firmly on the ground, bend both knees and lower your body. With support on the right foot, straighten both legs. Repeat the movement, but with the left foot. Repeat 12 times in one set. Aim for 3 sets daily and increase the number of sets weekly to boost results. 

Variation: You can perform walking lunges, i.e. instead of returning to your original position, you move forward. You can also hold weights while performing lunges for a better effect. 

The Rear Leg Lift

This butt exercise allows you to work on three gluteal muscles to improve the curve of your butt. On a gym mat, get down on your knees and lay your hands flat on the floor. Block the pelvis by contracting the abdominal muscles. Bend the right knee and bring it to the chest and then extend the leg behind (the foot is in flex position). Then return your knee to the chest. The back should stay straight. You must exhale when you bring your leg in and inhale when you stretch out. Repeat 10 times with each leg in one set. Aim to complete 3 sets and increase as per stamina. 

Variation: When your leg is in the air, keep the position for a few seconds. This helps to work the muscle deeper.

The Kick-up

Like the previous exercise, the “kick-up” works and firms three muscles of the buttocks. Kneeling on a gym mat, block the pelvis by contracting the abdominal muscles. Stretch your right leg behind and bend your knee to form a right angle. The foot is in the flex position. Bring your knee to the ground without touching it and then return to the starting position by controlling the movement and progressively raising the bent leg. Keep your back straight. Practice this with each leg, 10 times in a single set. Complete 3 sets per day and increase the number of sets gradually. 

Variation: When your leg is in the air, keep the position and push 2 or 3 times upwards to increase the difficulty level of this butt exercise.

Fire hydrant

The “fire hydrant” tickles the small and medium muscles of the buttocks. On a gym mat, get on all fours, hands resting on the floor, arms half-flexed. Spread left thigh to side and raise left knee until leg is parallel to the floor. Return to the original position without putting your knee down. Like all the above butt exercises, repeat 10 times in a set and aim for 3 sets per session. 

Variation: Instead of making a lateral movement, when you lift your leg, perform small circles of rotation with your knee bent. This stimulates the muscle from all angles.

The Bridge

Although it looks simple, this butt exercise works the muscles of the glutes in-depth, provided that it is well executed. To do so, lie on your back, your upper body relaxed, feet apart, legs bent. Lift the pelvis to take off the hips slightly from the ground without moving your back. Tighten your legs together by tightly contracting your buttocks. Hold the position. Spread your legs and start again. Be careful not to bend your back while performing this exercise. Repeat 10 times in a single set and complete 3 sets per session. 

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Variation: When your pelvis is high, keep the position, then open and close your knees. In this way, you also work the small and medium muscles of the glutes. 

Side elevation

On a floor mat, you are lying on one side and your legs stretched out on top of each other. Raise your upper leg and lower it, without touching it to the lower leg on the floor. Do three sets of 15 repetitions with both legs outstretched. Then repeat the exercise with both legs slightly bent to work a little more on the glutes. 

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Variation: When your leg is in the air, keep the position and tighten your glutes. You will feel a burning sensation of the level of the muscle, sign that it is working!

Remember, consistency is the key here. Any of these butt exercises will be effective only if you practice them religiously and regularly. 

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