Jennifer Lopez Shows Us How To Keep That Body Toned Even At 50!

If ageing is that good, we can’t wait to turn 50, JLO!

Jennifer Lopez is setting fitness goals even at 50 and we’re all awe-struck! 

JLO has been one of the most gorgeous stars in Hollywood for over three decades now. The dazzling beauty is known for her curves and drool-worthy body.  

Over the years, we’ve seen her flaunt her body in jaw-dropping outfits and make it seem effortless. However, we’ve got some behind the scenes stories for you that show us how Jennifer has maintained herself over the years.  

Beast mode on for Lopez 

The 50-year-old always tries to give her fans an insight into her fitness routines through her Instagram profile. Lopez who is a working mother recently shared a video of her doing some extremely impressive leg presses.  


In her video, we see Jennifer pressing a whopping 60 kilos on each side of the bar she is pushing. She captioned her Instagram post, “Just another Tuesday… After work workout. ????????” 

Our legs are already sore by reading those numbers! 

Even Jennifer has to hustle 

As it is extremely evident from her fit body, Lopez is not new to working out. The talented actress, who starred in the movie Hustlers a while back, found a new and interesting way to get in shape for the film.  


Jennifer, who played the role of a stripper in the movie, learned how to pole dance in real life. Lopez wanted to get in character for the crime drama and trained for a while to perfect her pole dancing skills

That is some crazy level of dedication! 

Jennifer has the best workout buddy! 

All of Jennifer’s true fans who have been following her fitness routine on Instagram are well aware of a certain face that keeps popping up in her posts. The hunk that shows up in her posts is none other than her handsome fiancé, Alex Rodriguez. 


Jennifer and Alex keep things interesting by trying out new fitness rituals together all the time. The fit couple has often expressed their love for FitPlan App and how much they love experimenting with things like hot yoga and boot camps.  

Now we know how Jennifer Lopez has been maintaining that booty!

(If ageing is that good, we can’t wait to turn 50, JLO!)

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