10 Ways To Prevent Stomach Bloating

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There are different types of stomach bloating. For most people, this essentially results in a feeling of swelling in the belly often associated with gas. For others we talk about digestive sensitivity which leads to bloating and cramps. If you are prone to bloating, then the best step is prevention. There are triggers that you need to be careful about. Here are 10 easy ways to get rid of the stomach bloat: 

Do not overuse raw foods

Avoid eating excess of raw veggies. You can add cooked vegetables such as green beans to your salads. You must be careful to balance your plate, mixing the raw and the cooked and the hot and cold.

Toast bread 

Toasting the bread slightly reduces the humidity which helps in decreasing the secretions of salivary enzymes when you eat it. This makes the bread easy to digest. You can, thus, prevent stomach bloating after breakfast. 

Drink an herbal tea after the meal

To avoid bloating after your meals, drinking an herbal tea is very effective. Brew it with mint, fennel, or chamomile. You can even use star anise. 

Avoid sweeteners

The body does not digest sweeteners such as aspartame, polyol, or sorbitol. These are usually found in low-fat products and those marked “no added sugars” such as yoghurts or sweets. They ferment in the intestines causing flatulence and bloating. 

Stop chewing gums

To prevent or get rid of stomach bloating, avoid chewing gum. The more you chew, the more you ingest air in the digestive tract and the belly swells. This condition is called aerophagia. Also, many chewing gums contain a large amount of sorbitol (sweetener) which may lead to a bloat.

Use essential oils

There are essential oils that help you get rid of the stomach bloat. Tarragon, basil, caraway, coriander or peppermint have antispasmodic properties and some promote the expulsion of gases. Mix these oils with a base oil. Massage your belly and stomach every 3 hours until you feel an improvement.

Promoting wellness practices

Bloating is sometimes caused by stress. Indeed, it causes contractions of the intestines and bloating. To limit stress, opt for an activity to relax. You can spend your time doing yoga, getting massages, bike rides, or more physical activities to relieve stress.

Chew food well

It is important to chew food while eating to reduce the risk of bloating. By chewing properly, the stomach works less, digestion is easier so the risk of bloating decreases.

Take your time

Munching is important, but taking your time during the meal is as important. You must take a minimum of 20 minutes to eat. Taking time allows you to better listen to your food sensations.

Split meals

You have to divide your food daily into three meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner). You can also add two snacks in the day to avoid meals too rich and heavy to digest and thus prevent bloating. For pregnant women and the elderly, splitting meals allows better digestion. 

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