Face Yoga Exercises For A Chiseled Jawline For Both Men And Women

Super easy exercises!

Are you tired of figuring out new angles to click selfies each time? The double chin is just so difficult to hide. We all wish we were born with chiselled jawlines, but that isn’t the case. While a double chin appears when you gain too much weight, however, that is not the only cause. Some of us have round and plump faces and only contouring can save the day for us. 

Whether your double chin is the consequence of a small unsightly cellulite or it is caused by a loss of tone of the oval at the bottom of the face, surgery is not your only alternative. This clump of unsightly fat can also appear in women and men, regardless of age. To get rid of your double chin you do not have to go through the cosmetic surgery box.

Just like you need a good workout regime to tone up the problematic areas in your body, you need face exercises to tone up the double chin and get a sharp jawline. Make-up artist, photographer and blogger Parmita Katkar, in her video for face exercises, shares a simple routine that you can follow to get the perfect jawline.  

In her video, she explains how practising and holding a certain pose for longer duration is more beneficial that repeating the pose multiple times. Also, the key to enjoying remarkable results from this face yoga for a double chin and chiseled jaw is to practice it consistently. You can practice these while you are in the bathroom or during commercials while watching television. You can also begin or end your day with these face exercises for the perfect jawline. All it takes is 5 minutes of your time. You can also try these tips to get a sharp and chiselled jawline

So, go ahead and try these super easy exercises and flaunt your sexy jawline. Tell us, if it worked for you in our comments section below. 

Source Credit: Youtube/Blush with me-Parmita

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