World Heart Day 2019: Yoga For Better Heart Health (Video Tutorial)

Take out your yoga mat now!

With a busy and stressful daily life, heart health can deteriorate rapidly and sooner than you can imagine. Currently, it is common to see people who are already suffering from cardiovascular diseases at a very young age. Smoking, diabetes, lifestyle, stress, hypertension, anxiety are just some of the causes that contribute to heart disease. There is also what is called coronary heart disease. They are caused by an accumulation of cholesterol in the layers inside the arteries of the heart. Obesity and hypercholesterolemia are most common causes of it.

A dilemma then arises for people who suffer from heart disease. Doctors forbid you to practice intense and violent sports. Yet, we know that sports help to keep fit and have a good figure. An alternative is offered to all people in this situation – Yoga. 

Yoga is a gentle activity, but one that brings many benefits to the heart. Our advice for you is to take out your yoga mat now to prevent and cure cardiovascular disease.

This tutorial video on yoga asanas for a healthy heart can help you practice the asanas from the comfort of your home. 

The benefits of yoga on the heart

Yoga not only acts as a preventive measure for maintaining a healthy heart but also as a curative measure in case of heart diseases. First, yoga prevents stress and the risk of heart attacks. It acts on the root of problems by eliminating stress and anxiety. Practicing yoga regularly can help you to remain calm in all circumstances and to preserve the heart from any harmful stress. Yoga brings inner peace and serenity by regulating both your body and mind in the long term.

Yoga can also keep overweight and obesity at bay. Through regular practice, excess fat and bad cholesterol can be burned. Many studies have shown that yoga is very beneficial for losing a little weight and getting rid of the fat accumulated around your waist. With yoga, the Body Mass Index (BMI) can be easily controlled. In addition, it tones the muscles and helps to increase blood circulation. 

Yoga practice through asanas

Several postures can help keep a good heart, including standing postures, inverted postures and elongated postures. Standing postures help stretch and tone the side wall of the heart and improve blood circulation.

The inverted postures, meanwhile, allow the blood to reach the brain by keeping the legs in their positions. Finally, elongated postures can reduce blood pressure and rest the heart and lungs. 

Anyone, no matter how old, can do these asanas. It is necessary to start slowly at the beginning, and not to force your body. The best part about Yoga is that you can follow your own pace, without pressure and without risk. Anyone can do it anywhere, anytime. So, pledge for a healthy heart and start practicing yoga from today

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