3 Key Leadership Lessons We Can All Learn from PM Modi

Happy Birthday Sir!

As India’s Prime Minister celebrates his 69th birthday today, none of us can deny that Narendra Modi has achieved a lot for himself over the past years. From helping Gujarat become one of the main contributors to India’s GDP to securing a second, consecutive stint as the Prime Minister of our great nation, Modi is certainly doing some right things with outstanding results. Here, we look at 3 leadership lessons that we can learn from PM Modi.

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Set Clear Objectives for Yourself

Modi’s clarity of thought and plan towards achieving his objectives is something we can all inculcate in ourselves. When opposition parties were still deciding on their prime ministerial candidates, Modi had a set objective in mind – to lead the nation. And just look how well that has worked out for him! Furthermore, he had clearly stated his plans if made the Prime Minister of India, and has stuck to delivering on those plans now. It’s simple. You need to know what you want exactly, and single-mindedly work towards it instead of getting derailed by obscure thoughts and goals.

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Be Decisive

Leaders have to make a lot of decisions every day, and it is these decisions that define who you are. In 2001, when BJP lost a lot of assembly seats in the by-elections owing to various factors, Modi was considered for the post of chief minister in Gujarat. He was offered the title of deputy chief minister, which he refused stating that he was ‘going to be fully responsible for Gujarat or not at all’. It was this decisiveness that saw him become the Chief Minister ultimately, and we all know how he has risen to absolute power ever since. When faced with difficult situations, don’t dilly-dally too much and make a firmly thought out decision instead. There might be times when you end up making the wrong decision, and that can happen to anyone. However, no one will question your role as a decisive leader.

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Lead by Example

Leading from the front is something that is intricately imbibed in all great leaders. If you want to become a successful leader, you have to command your team’s respect with dedicated effort. Take Modi’s election campaigning for instance. Reportedly, Modi worked for approximately 20 hours in a day and addressed about 450 rallies in the country! This kind of commitment and dedication rubbed off on his peers and subordinates, who were then inspired to give it their best shot too.

Always remember – sometimes a leader might falter and fall, but good leadership still inspires trust and confidence in one and all!

Happy leading, guys! 

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