An Ultimate Christmas Gift Guide That Solves All Your “What On Earth Should I Gift Them” Queries

Click and purchase away, my friend!

Everyone has their quirks and hobbies and with Christmas being today, there is not much time to go into all ‘research and find out’ or taking a trip down memory lane to remember if they had mentioned what they want in the past. Now is the time to make an impromptu purchase and that is only possible if you have a Christmas gift guide all sorted and chosen for you. And this is where we come into the picture!

We have meticulously selected the perfect gift for the different people in your life- whether it is an avid reader, a super Star Wars fan, or is really into maintaining their fitness (sometimes you envy their self-control). So now, no need to lose precious brain cells on a “What would they like?” brainstorming session, ‘cause our Christmas gift guide has already done it for you! Starting with the perfect gift for…

  • …that frequent and avid traveller who would rather go around the world than waste precious hours sleeping

Carrying around travel pillows isn’t always possible but no one really misses the terrible sore neck when you fall asleep sitting. It is where the Trtl Pillow comes in handy. It looks a scarf, feels cosy, and supports your neck perfectly, allowing you to get some sleep. 

Buy the Trtl Travel Pillow, at $29.99.

  • For the one who loves taking pictures

How many time have you heard your friend crib about the lack of a printer at home and how wonderful it would be to have one handy. Well, time to fulfil their dreams with the HP Sprocket Select Portable Photo Printer which will allow you to instantly print pictures wherever you are. 

Buy the HP Sprocket Select Portable Photo Printer at $149.95 

  • Have an artist in the family who loves to paint the world with colours of their creativity?

For such born artists, our Christmas gift guide would suggest the ultimate Vigorfun Deluxe Art Set in Wooden Case. Whether they are more inclined towards pencil sketches or dabble in the world of beautiful watercolours, this set is their Holy Grail. 

Buy the Vigorfun Deluxe Art Set in Wooden Case at $35.99

For the crazy fitness enthusiasts who have only ever used one hashtag- #FitnessGoals for life!

Our Christmas gift guide has THE best present for them- the NextRoller 3-Speed Vibrating Foam Roller which is apt in relieving muscle and joint pain as well as speeding up injury recovery. It will be the boon from heaven for them, mark our words.

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Buy the NextRoller 3-Speed Vibrating Foam Roller at $99.95 

With Marvel Universe and Star Wars ruling the conscience of every living being, to not have that one avid lover of any or both the franchises in your life would be an impossibility. 

So, what to get that ardent fan of the MCU?

The best gift for them is the Marvel’s Avengers Eco-Drive Watch by Citizen as it needs no batteries. It runs on light converted into energy. Cool superpower to have, huh? Not to mention its swanky design and the Avengers logo. 

Buy the Marvel’s Avengers Eco-Drive Watch by Citizen at $350

For Star War Lovers

The chance to enter the Star Wars’ world- a dream even the non-fans cherish and the Lenovo Jedi Challenges AR Headset with Lightsaber Controller and Tracking Beacon makes it possible. 

By the AR headset at $94.99

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