Making New Year’s Resolutions Is Old News, Here Is Why You Shouldn’t Make Any This Time!

Time to ditch the unnecessary tradition!

Hey, 31st December is here and it is time to make some of those New Year’s resolutions we make every time- lose weight, score good, change our job and do something we actually love, be disciplined, have a more scheduled sleep cycle instead of binge-watching till 3 am. And once again, we will forget all the self-promises and tall goals we set before we step into the third week of 2020. So, how about this time, instead of repeating the New Year’s resolutions cycle that never reaches its conclusion, we….Don’t make a list of resolutions or goals.

Sounds crazy, right? Making New Year’s resolutions has become a tradition of sorts and not fulfilling them is the trend that never goes out of fashion. But it is also true that human beings are rather resilient creatures known for achieving almost anything if they put they dedicate their 100% to it- we already have that zeal that is needed to succeed, so why is it not happening?

Well, it is because mostly our goals are more generic, let’s say you swear to lose weight in 2020 but how much weight? In some imaginary land of your subconscious, you are thinking of losing 30 kg in a month, which dear is so not realistic and achievable. Thus, it won’t be possible to complete this goal within the stipulated time limit, hence adding it to the long list of goals that never see the face of victory. Thus we panic, get desperate, hopeless, and depressed ‘cause we nare ever gonna be “good enough.” *sniffles in the corner*

So this year, we are chucking the rulebook of “New Year’s resolutions that never stick” and instead of setting any goals, we will be doing something else- lighter, easier, and totally in the section of “Yep, can do it”. Why? ‘cause:

  • …that list of resolutions comes with a feeling of panic

“Fools rush in where angels fear to tread”- and this applies to the self-designed year of “Hunger Games” you set up for yourself. Instead enter the New Year in a positive mindset that yes, 2020 is going to be great and amazing.

It may not seem believable, but your positive mindset can actually change the outcome of your efforts and you will actually end up doing things you are meant to do. And that brings us to…

  • …the recurring thoughts of adding “everything” you ‘should have done’ this year to the to-do list of next year

All the new year asks of you is to be open to change, understanding your potential, and allowing yourself to show compassion to the one person whose shortcomings you never forgive- you.

  • 1st January doesn’t have to be the day you “change”

Unless there is a scientific proof that the beginning of New Year is the only time to realize your goals, you better quit this unconscious procrastinating and begin your journey towards the change you seek.

  • Your list is not what you want

How many of your New Year’s resolutions are your own desires, your goals and not what the society would appreciate? Do you wanna ditch the job you have been at for years because your family, relatives, and neighbours don’t find it appealing or because you are seeking something that challenges your creativity?

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