Overhyped Expectations Vs. The Ground-Crashing Reality Of New Year’s Eve

Time for some reality check

Happy New Year, everyone! 2020 is here and we are gonna have a blast or so we think. Seriously, we are not trying to bum anyone out, but when has anyone’s New Year party ever gone as they had planned? Pfft, right? But has that ever stopped us from daydreaming that “I am gonna have a gala night this time on New Year’s Eve”? So, we are here to hold up the mirror of truth and give a sneak peek at what the first night of 2020 will really entail. 

  • Ah! Let’s begin with the extravagant New Year’s Eve party plans

Expectation: “Boy! I have so many party invitations, where do I go?” You are busy hopping around from one party to another, your schedule is stuffed with so many plans that travelling back in time to accommodate them all would be the only ideal solution. 

Reality: You don’t even have a “Pla..!” forget plan, that too with an ‘s’. And the one best friend you actually wanted to spend the New Year’s Eve with is either celebrating it with her boyfriend or is in a totally different city. Even getting a Skype chat may be asking for too much. Oops. 

  • If you do get all those party invitations

Expectation: Looking all amazing, all night, without a single hair out of its place. *channelling your inner J.Lo all night long*

Reality: All the hopping around you are so jacked about? Well, let’s say when you will be leaning on to the wall for support as your legs refuse to support your body mass, it will be a crude reminder that “Hey! I am not 18 anymore. I am a 25+ who literally works 26 hours, barely exercises, and binge eats to combat boredom and hunger.”

  • “Ain’t nothing gonna ever stop the party, you know we go, we all!”

Expectation: “We gonna rock until the night is done. We ain’t gonna stop until we see the sun” and probably dance to the rest of Sean Kingston’s song. You are like those movie characters who just need to tap a foot and 50 people, total strangers, come to stand behind you to dance the night away.

Reality: As it is too cold to exist beyond the paradigm of your cosy blanket, there are high chances of you falling asleep while watching Netflix and then ignoring the calls of anyone who plans to drag you away from the fortress of warmth you currently lounge in. 

  • The elusive midnight kiss to take away your singledom

Expectation: After a solid 365 days of ignoring you like the plague, your crush will see you standing under the mistletoe and BAM! They will see you in a whole different light and kiss you at midnight. Awwwww!

Reality: Well, the one thing that you just love about your crush is how punctual they are about their routine. Guess who will continue being unaware that you even exist? Hey, but your pup won’t say no to a midnight kiss? *crying on the inside* 

  • The day after the ‘big’ New Year’s eve party

Expectation: Waking up all refreshed, ready for the new year.

Reality: If having a head-splitting headache playing ballet with a nauseous hangover is your definintion of a great way to begin 2020, then amazing or you better start looking for nifty tips to avoid getting hungover.

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