Ring In 2020 In Style With These 5 Simple Yet Amazing New Year’s Eve Party Ideas!

Get ready to have a blast!

December is like the most exciting and downright stressful month of the year, right? Yay! Winters are here but now we have to shiver in cold. Yay! Christmas is here! But what to make in desserts? And now, it’s like you blinked and New Year’s Eve is almost here and so is the pressure to come up with the best New Year’s day party ideas. The New Year countdown has started and you are coming up with a blank! *hearts racing*

Let’s start with checking off what you HAVE done already—sent your happy 2020 cards, decided your menu for the big day, and probably lost years of your life fretting over how to be the perfect host and amaze your guests with innovative New Year’s Eve party ideas. And that is why we’re here, with some nifty tips from our treasure of wonderful ideas to make your New Year’s day unforgettable!

So, ready to make the New Year countdown even more amazing? Let’s roll!

  • Ditch the annual photo booth set up and set up a DIY Holographic Balloon Wall instead!

A DIY holographic balloon backdrop is the very definition of perfection to essay your New Year’s Eve bash this time. Imagine the fun, totally dope pictures, not to mention instantly Instagram-worthy pictures your friends we be able to take in front of this backdrop. Don’t be surprised if they come to you later to take down notes on New Year’s party ideas ‘cause it’s gonna be THAT amazing!

  • Celebrate the wide world of delicious cuisines out there!
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Having the same old New Year’s day party is a thing of the past. And if too much pomp and show is not your thing, you can bring around a twist by having a potluck that requires each guest to bring a dish from a different cuisine. Do you know what that means? Your party will turn into a mouth-watering feast that will serve as the chance to know more about different heritages around the world. 

  • Welcome the future with a peek at yours- A Tarot Card Reading party!

This is one of the party ideas that will ensure that you have to do as less as you want. Just hire a tarot card reader for your New Year’s Eve party and see as everyone engages in knowing what the future looks like for them. You can arrange for the tarot card reader to have short, fun readings with your guests as you supply appetizers and drinks. No need to arrange for any other activity as the duration till the New year countdown will be pretty much spent in discussing one another’s readings. 

  • Forget the fancy attires and set up a Pajama party to give your guests a chance to truly relax

Aren’t holidays majorly about relaxing, recharging after working our asses off? So, make comfort the theme of your party and let your guests know that they will be lounging around in their pyjamas, walking around in slippers and will be sipping on hot chocolate by the crackling bonfire. They are gonna come in droves, dear, we fervently hope you have enough glasses. 

  • Host a holiday movie marathon party 

Not everyone is a kill-my-feet-by-dancing-all-night kind of fella, some crave binge-watching their way into 2020, so give it to them!

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