Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas: Inexpensive And Unique Ideas To Melt Your Loved One’s Heart

This year get something out of the ordinary!

Tired of offering the traditional flower bouquet and the same box of chocolates every year on Valentine’s day? Suffice to say that these are classics. Of course, chocolate is delicious and receiving flowers is fun. But it is not very surprising.

This year we want you to get something out of the ordinary. And for the occasion, we put on our Cupid costume, with the sole objective to find cool, original and inexpensive Valentine’s day gifts for the feast of lovers. 

Whether it’s a Valentine’s Day gift for him or her, these ideas will brighten up the occasion for both of you. 

#Terrariums: Plants are a fantastic gift and can blend everywhere. Why not move from the simple potted ones to fancy terrariums. Whether it is for him or her, it can be placed at the study table, at the office desk or even by your bedside. 

#Home assistant devices: Gift your partner a personal assistant like a Google Home or Amazon Echo and they’ll thank you for it. After all, who doesn’t want to be reminded of bills due and things to be done especially when you live alone. You’ll find options ranging from as less as 3k to 15k. 

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#Essential oils: No, it’s not a girly gift anymore. Even men like some fragrance in their rooms and bathrooms. Essential oils are not just restricted to baths. They can be blended with body oils, hair oil, used as aroma diffusers and even relieve you of headaches and cramps. 

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#Mini Barbeque Grill: If you love socializing, this gift is going to be super handy for both men and women. Easy to carry whether you are camping or partying outdoors or at a friend’s place. You could even get your partner’s name engraved on it. 

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#Balcony swing: Not just a piece of décor (well, it is that too) but a super cozy place to spend hours reading a book, watching your favourite show or when talking to each other over phone. There’s a wide range to match your budget. 

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#Tea or coffee brewers: If your partner is a little grumpy till they get their morning cuppa, cute little tea infusers and coffee brewers are such a unique Valentine’s day gift. They are super handy for a green or black tea lover. For coffee lovers, the easy-to-carry pour overs or French press is ideal and not so expensive.  

#Bedside lamp: These set the right mood for an evening of relaxation. You can opt for customised ceiling, floor or table lamps depending on the décor of your partner’s room. Yet again, an inexpensive Valentine’s day gift option for him and her. 

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