Wanna Avoid That Nasty Hangover On New Year’s Day? 5 Tips To Sidestep This Particular Landmine

So no to the “no drinking clause” this New Year’s Eve!

A variety of alcohol options, everything from wine, beer, gin to tequila and rum is available, not to mention that everyone around you is drunk- the presence of this scenario on the night of 31st December is enough to tip your resolve of “I’ll not drink” into nothingness. And what do you get for breaking your first resolution before 2020 even began? A nasty hangover accompanies you as you step into New Year’s Day. So much for your “I will begin the New Year’s day with positive vibes” plan, eh? 

Well, the best solution to not have a hangover on 1st January is to not drink alcohol at all on the night of 31st December. But you know, the presence of everyone around you partying could make it the “no drinking” clause a particularly difficult lesson in self-control. 

But where self-control fails, strategy works. So, if you want to lessen, or probably the eliminate that crushing hangover from spoiling your New Year’s day, here are a few tips you need to follow:

  • Live by the rule of one drink per hour

Moderation, my friend, is the key to beating the evil hangover and mind-numbing headache that comes with it. Avoid the next-day doldrums by pacing your drinks i.e., stick to the old rule of one drink per hour, which means 5 ounces of wine, 12 ounces of beer, a 1.5-ounce shot of distilled spirits like gin, tequila, etc. 

Though our body weight also is a key factor in this equation, the above formula is more or less the universal code to avoid beginning your New Year with a hangover. 

  • If it is all about having a glass in your hands to sip and give company to your friends, then go for cocktails with lower alcohol by volume. 

Opt for long cocktails or highballs where the mixers dilute the alcohol.

  • No downing shots

Shooting down shots after shots of tequila or gin may feel like the best path to attain that buzz and get into the whole party mood, it is also the quickest way to ensure that you spend the entire New Year’s day nursing a bad hangover. So, if you are so eager about the idea of downing shots, the best idea is to split your cocktail into shot glasses instead. 

  • Drink water or ‘mocktail’ between drinks

This one has multiple plus sides. One, this slows down your alcohol uptake, cutting down the amount of alcohol you would have otherwise consumed into half. Second, it helps in preventing dehydration as alcohol causes you to urinate more and drinking water regularly will help you in staying hydrated throughout the night.

Plus, you’ll have something in your hands to sip on and still be engaged.

  • Interrupt your alcohol chugging sessions by eating food

Have a meal before you jump on to your drinking spree and keep eating all night long as a full stomach slows down alcohol absorption. Drinking on an empty stomach quickens and heightens the process of intoxication. 

But what to do if you are already hungover?

Just drink plenty of water and a healthy breakfast of eggs. Take some ibuprofen and then take a nap. You’ll feel much better when you wake up.

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