Category: Humor

Chrissy Teigen And John Legend’s Son Miles Does An Adorable Impersonation In IG Video

“my guy is becoming funny despite john genes thank god”

Hollywood Celebrities Reveal Hilarious Mom Texts, And They’re Just Too Good to Miss!

Case in point: mums are cool. But guess what?

Ever Imagined What A Brutally Honest Indian Wedding Card Would Look Like? Well, Here You Go!


Fan Of Horror Films? Care To Explain The Dumb And Idiotic Decisions That Is Always Their Storyline?

‘Hey, I know the quickest route for the most gruesome death- Let’s split up!’

7 Things You Can Buy Instead Of Buying An iPhone 11 Pro

We are buying cheesecake!

8 Things Every Virgo Has In Common: Obsessions, Details, Conversations And Much More!

They are really good secret keepers!

Are You A Regular Tenant Of The Society Called Friend Zone?

They wanted someone exactly like you, just not ‘you.’

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