Gigi Hadid Opens Up About Motherhood And “The Craziest Pain In Her Life”

‘I was an animal woman.’ says Gigi!

Gigi Hadid talks about her labor pain and motherhood experience in a recent interview. Referring to her labor pain, she says-“I think they all knew that I have that animal in me.”

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Earlier Gigi Hadid decided to deliver her baby at a hospital in New York. But due to COVID-19 realities and limit on the number of delivery rooms, Gigi agreed to carry out a successful home birth. Gigi Hadid gave birth to her first child on September 20 with Zayn, her mother, Yolanda Hadid, her sister, Bella Hadid, a local midwife and her assistant.

She confessed in that there were some times during her labor pain when she had second thoughts about giving her first child a natural birth. Gigi also recalled-‘I know my mom and Zayn and Bella were proud of me, but at certain points, I saw each of them in terror.’

Zayn Malik and Gigi Hadid watched the 2008 documentary The Business of Being Born, which is considered essential for some medical interventions and successful home birth.

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Gigi says- “We both looked at each other and were like, I think that’s the call.” Gigi Hadid added-“It didn’t even click that she was out. I was so exhausted, and I looked up and he’s holding her. It was so cute.”

She also quoted: ‘I had to dig deep. I knew it was going to be the craziest pain in my life, but you have to surrender to it and be like, “This is what it is”. I loved that.’ 

During the early hours of labor, Zayn Malik asked Gigi the music that she wants to hear. Gigi Hadid requested Malik to play one of his favorite audios of a children’s novel, The Indian in the Cupboard. Referring to the audio Gigi says- “That’s something we’d never talked about but in that moment we discovered we both loved.”

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Gigi Hadid also reveals that she took parenting advice from her friend Blake Lively and decided to keep her child away from the media and spotlight. The 25-year-old model said that she was deeply inspired by how her friend Blake Lively and her husband, Ryan Reynolds, have raised their children.

Gigi said-‘I have friends who are public figures, and that’s how they’ve gone about it, and I see their kids really blossom in a different way.’

Gigi and Zayn Malik welcomed their child in September but kept their daughter’s name private until last month when she secretly changed her bio on Instagram to-‘Khai’s mom’. 

Gigi’s mother Yolanda Hadid said in an interview: ‘I’m proud of her face on a magazine, but seeing her give birth was a whole other level of proud. You go from looking at her as a daughter to looking at her as a fellow mother.’ 

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