Category: Science

An Inspiration For Many, ‘Human Computer’ Katherine Johnson Passes Away At The Age Of 101

Rest in peace

The Man Who Got Us Unhooked: Google Doodle Celebrates Dr. Herbert Kleber

The pioneer of drug addiction treatment

Chandrayaan 2: ISRO Has Officially Pulled The Plug On Vikram Lander

We have news, India!

Vikram Lander, Are You There? Brad Pitt Is Now Looking For You!

It isnot just a click baity false title to lure you into reading the article

OMG! Antarctic Sea Sponge Might Be The Key To Malaria Treatment!

Let’s keep our fingers crossed.

Google Celebrates Microbiologist Hans Christian Gram’s 166th Birthday With The Doodle In His Honour

Modesty, lessons anyone?

As ISRO And The Nation Holds On To Hope, Let’s Know Chandrayaan-2 A Little More Closely

The whys, whats, whos and hows of India’s most ambitious project

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