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Brie Larson Has Been Channeling Her Inner Fashionista And Showing Off Her Abs

The actress has been keeping fit both physically and mentally lately!

Brie Larson Faces Backlash Over NFT Promotion And New Metaverse Video

Hol’ up there Brie!

Brie Larson’s Latest Captain Marvel 2 Training Video Has A 90s Vibe To It

The actress lets fans in on her preparations.

Captain Marvel’s Brie Larson Takes An Interest In Archery

She’s a natural.

Brie Larson Confirms Her Return As Captain Marvel In 2022

She is back!

Brie Larson Releases Bloopers Compilation Of Her Funny Youtube Channel

The video is just too wholesome!

Brie Larson Thanks Olivia Rodrigo For The Words She Gave To The World

Captain Marvel can sing too!

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