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Karen Gillan Doesn’t Want To Say Goodbye To Nebula After Guardians 3

She’s “not eager” to move on from Nebula.

Karen Gillan Talks Movies: From ‘Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 3’ To The Fate Of ‘Jumanji 4’

And a lot more!

Karen Gillan Is Now Teasing Nebula’s Role In Thor 4, After Hyping Guardians 3

With the rest of the Guardians of the Galaxy members

Karen Gillan & Pedro Pascal To Star In Pandemic-Inspired Comedy ‘The Bubble’

A new pandemic based comedy is on its way!

Karen Gillan Talks To Fans About Her Stage Fright And How Much She Misses Home

“Failing isn’t necessarily a bad thing, what matters is how you react to the failure”

Karen Gillan Puts Rumours To Rest, Confirms Thor: Love And Thunder Appearance

It’s going to be amazing!

Birthday Wishes Pour In On Twitter For Jumanji Star Karen Gillan

Here’s Wishing Nebula a very happy birthday!

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