Tag: Lizzo

Lizzo’s Shocking Reaction On The “Don’t Worry Darling” Teaser

The most relatable thing you’ll see today!

Lizzo Breaks Down Over Racist Body-Shaming Comments, Cardi B Defends Fiercely

“The song is top 10 on all platforms.”

Lizzo And Cardi B Turn Into Greek Goddesses For ‘Rumors’ Music Video

The rumors are true!

Lizzo Asks Fans To Give Her “Six Feet” Until COVID Is Over

‘I’m going to be slightly rude about it.’

Lizzo Reveals What Happened After She Drunkenly Slid Into Chris Evans’ DMs

The love story continues.

Are Lizzo And Chris Evans Flirting With Each Other Through DM’s?

A drunken escapade!

Lizzo’s Christmas Gift To Her Mother Is A Brand New Audi: Mommy In Tears

“I got you an Audi girl!”

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