Tag: movie review

Without Remorse Review: Michael B Jordan Is Charismatic, The Film Is Not

For a thriller, this is not so thrilling

Things Heard And Seen Review: An Uneven Horror Thriller That Fails To Thrill Or Horrify

Won’t there be better horror film, like ever?!

Mortal Kombat Review: Stay For The Stellar Action, Not For The Story

Flashy action and a meh! story

Stowaway Review: Another Cliched Space Travel Story That Goes Nowhere

No the visuals aren’t “stunning” either

Thunder Force Review: A Spunky Superhero Comedy With A Heart

Hammer and Bingo are our new favorite superheroes!

Godzilla vs Kong Review: Even Flashy Graphics Can’t Hide Dull Writing

Good CGI monsters vs bad story

Zack Snyder’s Justice League: A Slow But Satisfying Wonder That Actually Works

The same story but with a better presentation

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