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Gal Gadot Starrer ‘Heart Of Stone’ Acquired By Netflix

The movie will be a female spin on action classics.

Patty Jenkins And Warner Bros. Had “Internal War on Every Level” Over Wonder Woman

“They didn’t even want to read my script”

Patty Jenkins Shares The Similarity Cleopatra And Her Wonder Woman Films Have

What could it be?

Wonder Woman 1984 Becomes The Lowest-Rated DCEU Movie On IMDb

Well, this was expected

Wonder Woman 3 Gets The Greenlight As WW 1984 Gets A Record Opening of $16.7M

Hoping it’s going to be nothing like WW 1984

Wonder Woman 1984 Review: Too Melodramatic And Cheesy To Tell A Coherent Story

Can we just say “Meh?”

Wonder Woman 1984: Patty Jenkins Claim Diana Prince Is Just Like Superman

Are they?

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