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Pedro Pascal Says ‘He’s Fine’ With Wearing The Mandalorian Helmet

The rumors about conflict on set have been quashed by Pascal himself

Pedro Pascal Unmasks The Anchor Behind His Execution Of The Role As “Mando”

No pun intended!

Pedro Pascal’s Success Won’t Be “Real” If It Wasn’t For His Mother

“I always felt like she knew something that I didn’t”

The Mandalorian Season 2 Finally Sets Up How Ahsoka Tano Will Make Her Entry


Pedro Pascal’s Mandalorian Is Under The Shadow of Baby Yoda And He Is “Cool With It”

Who Would Not Be Jealous Of Baby Yoda.

Pedro Pascal Wears A Lego Necklace As He Misses His Wonder Woman Gal Gadot

Read to know more details.

The Mandalorian Season 2 Review: A Confident Continuation That Never Fails To Amaze

It’s practically bubbling with Easter Eggs!

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