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Robert Downey Jr Says He’s “Done” Playing Iron Man On David Letterman’s Show

And more interesting revelations!

Katherine Langford Talks About Her New Horror Comedy Movie ‘Spontaneous’

Why is this movie hitting home?

Tom Holland’s Audition For Spider-Man Reveals What It Feels Like To Be a Marvel Hero

Why was Tom Holland selected to play the Spider-Man?

Robert Pattinson as ‘The Batman’: All The Rumours, Spoilers, And Facts!

Pattinson will be putting his own spin on the iconic Batman voice!

‘Perry Mason’ Review: An Unexpected, Bumpy, But Riveting Origin Story

It is Matthew Rhys at his best

Iron Man Robert Downey Jr. Takes Up Sweet Tooth, A DC Comic Series; Deets Inside

Highly promising cast & crew aboard

The Curse Of Kirk Lazarus; How The ‘Blackface’ From Tropic Thunder Still Haunts Robert Downey Jr!

“Content is king, context is the kingdom.”

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