7 Amazing Places To Celebrate The New Year Day In India

Party in style!

Amazing cities and towns in India allow you to get your party on, and celebrate New Year day in style. To help you party in superb style, we’ve picked the top seven places perfect for celebrating the New Year. Primed to appeal to partygoers, these places have unique elements that draw the eye and captivate the heart during the New Year countdown.


Spectacular beaches are at the heart of the party-friendly atmosphere in Goa. With beaches easily accessible, the party never stops in the state, which attracts revelers from nearby cities and states. Especially New Year day celebrations around the famous Vagator locale are like the icing on the cake. Whether you are single or with a significant other, there is fun, great seafood and sparkling wine to satisfy all. Goan cuisine is also great for sampling gastronomic delights with a Portuguese influence at a New Year countdown.


Big city vibes coupled with a dash of tradition make Bangalore a must see during New Year day. The New Year countdown in the city is a unique mélange that gives you a glimpse of its high tech heart. So you can enjoy the best that the city has to offer as you hop from one party to the next. Eating and partying go hand in hand in the city, which does not sleep all through the New Year countdown.



Partying among the scenic backwaters around Kochi and its stunning beaches are some of the many things you can do in the city. Kochi also has a carnival that coincides with the New Year day, and it is a spectacular celebration as the year winds down. In the streets and on the beach, you can indulge in a sparkling New Year countdown. The surrounding backwaters can be explored on a houseboat. It is a great place to host a memorable cruise party.  


French-styled architecture, food, and wine make Puducherry a party goer’s paradise, especially around New Year day. As the sun sets on the old year, you can indulge in swanky parties as part of a New Year countdown. While in the daytime you can head to ashram or try sample croissants at a café on the beach. 

Andaman and Nicobar Islands

Island life in the Andaman and Nicobar Islands is best explored around a New Year countdown. The islands have several pristine beaches, stylish resorts and party locations that come alive to welcome the New Year day. You can pick and choose what you want to include in your New Year celebration, and create a truly unique time for your near and dear.


Celebrating the New Year day in a hill station is a treat if you are in Ooty. The town which allows you to experience resort life to its fullest has several places where you can host or take part in a New Year countdown. You can even relax in the run-up to the New Year by spending time in a tea garden. 

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Royal living in Rajasthan beckons in Udaipur, otherwise known as the Venice of the East. The city with its several lakes ensures the New Year day celebrations are held in unique splendor. With a multitude of things to see and do in Udaipur, you will never have a dull moment through your New Year countdown.

Fashioning a stellar New Year day celebration in India is easily done. All you have to do is book a place in a resort, hotel or beach and put your party hats on!

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