8 Things To Do In Switzerland That Are Not Cliché!

Some of the quirkiest things to do there!

We know, we know, we all love to be “wander-lusted”, and DDLJ made the Swiss Alps a household destination for all travel enthusiasts. In a beautiful snow-clad, mesmerizing country like Switzerland, there are only so many things to do as in a tour package, right? WRONG. Let us take you through some of the best and quirkiest things to do there.

1) Cross skiing in Sihl Lake

Switzerland, like many alpine countries, is a winter paradise. Cross country skiing at such places should not be missed. A ‘cool’ place for the same is definitely Einsiedeln. Skiing along the Sihl Lake with the beautiful landscape promises a refreshed mind.

2) Eating a fondue

Picture this: you’re eating fondue on a cold winter evening in a mountain chalet with a chimney on.  A fondue is not just a dish. It is a feeling that helps you embrace the culture by your taste buds. Whether you have it after skiing or just after driving to one of the restaurants in the mountains, the feeling will be the same – heart-warming!

3) Barbecue in Walensee

Walensee has a whopping depth of 145 metres and its turquoise water is stunning. Simply park your car in Unterterzen (no parking fee!) and hike in the Flumserbergen. After your hike is over, find this beautiful beach below in Untertezen and enjoy your day while having a barbecue.

4) Go sledding in summer

Hiking, adventure parks, and sight-seeing would be a viable adventure for tourists. For thrill seekers, though, other than of all these, sledding in the summers is what brings the greatest pleasure. It’s a great alternative if you feel tired to walk all the way down. Just get on a sled and go jingle all the way. 

5) Sip some coffee of Zurich

While Uetliberg is a famous tourist destination in Zurich, there is this restaurant called Waid, where one can enjoy having morning coffee at weekends. Why? Their coffee is amazing but even more so is the view of the entire city from the restaurant! 

6) Go to the Jazz Festival at Montreux

Where’s Montreux? Well, the city lies in the French-speaking part of Switzerland, near Lausanne. The city with approximately 26,000 inhabitants is famous for its jazz festival, which happens each year in July. During the event, you see many stalls with handcrafted clothes and accessories, street musicians, and a lot of young people with their crazy styles. Oh, the atmosphere is great!

7) Swim at the Verzasca valley!

If time is a constrain and you have only two or three days to spend in Switzerland, then go to Verzasca valley. It’s the Italian-speaking part of Switzerland and for us, one of the most beautiful places. An amalgamation of breath-taking Swiss infrastructure and the fiery Italian temper, it’s a great place to spend your summer in.

8) The Carnival of Basel 

Each year in February or March, the biggest Carneval of Switzerland takes place in Basel. It usually starts on Monday at 4:00 AM with an event called “Morgenstreich” and ends exactly after 72 hours. With over 18,000 participants each year, every team wears a self-made costume with a mask they carved out of wood. It is a fun and entertaining event to know the Swiss culture and humour.

These are some of the most out-of-the-box activities to do in Switzerland, so go ahead, show your friends, you’re a true adventurer, not a tourist!

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