Best Weekend Getaways From Top Cities Of India

A relaxing weekend is all you need!

After a long and busy week of hard work, all that one needs is a relaxed weekend. Long weekends are icing on the cake. Whether you are a student and plan to have a quick trip with your family and friends weekend getaways are a perfect choice. They are a good option to take a small break from routine life and rejuvenate oneself.

City life can be very stressful and therefore nearby destinations are a perfect way to balance your life. You come back a lot saner with a great deal of peace of mind. Most noteworthy, here is a list of weekend getaways from the most popular cities in India:

Weekend Getaways from Delhi & Chandigarh


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This Tibetan township is a house to the Dalai Lama. A perfect destination amidst nature, hills, and culture in the state of Himachal Pradesh. This place offers some of the best restaurants and cafes offering various cuisines.


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If you are looking out for some adventure and want to be near nature too, Rishikesh is the destination for you. Camp and relax near the river and forest, along with indulging in adventure sports like rafting, bungee jumping, cliff jumping, etc.

Jim Corbett

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Jim Corbett national park is only a few hours away from the capital city of Delhi. And an amazing place to spot the tigers and exotic wildlife. Various luxurious resorts in the vicinity account for the perfect staycation.

Weekend Getaways from Mumbai & Pune


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This place has awesome beaches and good food written everywhere. So if that is the idea of a great weekend for you, pack and head directly to Tarkarli. Just laze around on the beaches, try out some water activities and surely do not miss on the delicious local delights.


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A few hours drive from the beautiful city of Pune and Mumbai are these hill stations called Lonavala and Khandala. Both these locations account for mesmerizing scenic beauty, with many waterfalls seeding out during monsoon season. So get your vehicle on the road and enjoy the long drive amidst nature.


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No one can go wrong with Goa, hands down the most popular beach destination in India. And it has to offer a lot more than just nightlife and beaches. There is beauty all around, you can also indulge yourself into wellness and the weekend is sorted.

Weekend Getaways from Kolkata

Sundarbans Wildlife Sanctuary

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It is a UNESCO world heritage site and one of the most famous national parks in India. It is home to the Bengal tigers and quite rich in bio-diversity. Only a few kilometers from Kolkata, Sundarbans acts as a perfect weekend getaway.


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If you love mountains, you will surely love Kalimpong. This place surely brings peace to your soul with its colonial-era buildings. This would be a good option from Kolkata for those long weekends.Image Credits:


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The way to Darjeeling in itself is a lifetime experience. Sip into that freshly made Darjeeling tea watching the sunrise. Enjoy a relaxed weekend with your family and friends here.

Weekend Getaways from Ahmedabad


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There is no place like Kutch, long spreads of white sand covered in beautiful colors of culture. You can enjoy the local Gujarati culture and every year the state tourism organizes the Rann Utsav here. You can book yourself a tent and camp in this white sand dessert.

Udaipur/Mt. Abu

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The city of lakes, forts, palaces and of course Romance. This makes for a perfect weekend getaway from Ahmedabad. Book a luxurious staycation at old heritage Havelis turned hotels. Enjoy the boat rides watching the sunsets and enjoying your favorite food.

Gir National Park

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Also known as Sansan Gir, it is famous for Asiatic lions. There are many wonderful resorts available for you to stay and relax at a safe distance from the park.

Weekend Getaways from Bangalore & Chennai


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Get that flair of France, here at Pondicherry. This place is a perfect weekend destination with something for everyone. From pristine beaches to French colonies, multi-cuisine cafes and even for your mental health at Auroville.


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A treat for history and architecture lovers, this place has a lot in store for you. Dive deep down into the pages of history at Hampi and relive Vijayanagar Empire by wandering around. It is also one of the UNESCO world heritage sites

We hope this guide helps you to pin down your next weekend getaway. Let us know your favorites in the comment section below.

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