Kashi:The Grandma Who Has Countless Stories To Tell

Here’s why Varanasi should be on your travel bucket list

So much has already been said about this city that almost every traveler at heart would know how it feels to be at what they fondly call ‘Kashi’. Still, every documented piece is an unlike expression of being at this soulful place. It feels soulful to be here because there is a vibe of positivity, simplicity, and tranquility. 

The mornings of Varanasi begin with the chimes of temples and night’s greetings say ‘Mahadev’. Lord Shiva, fondly called Mahadev is considered supreme here and is intimately weaved in the lives of city people. They love him, have unbelievable faith in him, and see him as a friend, guide and a confidante. 

Every lane of Varanasi has a temple, and every one of it is visited or bowed to. People are religious in nature and visiting a temple every day is a part of their daily routine. You can sense incredible faith in people. The beauty of this holy city lies in the hearts of the people. Most of the people you interact with are warm, welcoming, and are interested to have a conversation. If you are interested genuinely to have a heart-to-heart conversation, they don’t mind sharing their life stories with you in the first meet even! 

People of Varanasi love to eat. It can be easily seen because every fifty meters, there’s a place to eat and there are people eating there. It would surprise you that the food is all tasty and pocket friendly. Be it kachori sabzi, jalebi, lassi, thandai, tamatar chaat, palak chaat, gol gappe, butter uttapam, malaiyo, chuda matar, samosa chai, aaloo paratha, maggi at the road side, or authentic sweets of the city; everything has a taste that will stay with your senses. 

Travelers from all around the world have always been in love with this city. Kashi is colorful, alive, and buzzing with energy all the time. Yet, there is an old vibe in the city which is calming and relaxing. From early morning boating to grand evening aarti on the beautiful Ghats, the city that is situated on the bank of river Ganga has a history that every traveler wants to come closer to. 

Mornings at Ghats are serene. One can spend some quiet time witnessing that breath-taking sunrise, gulls’ mob, and the sound of flowing Ganga. This early morning experience will fill your soul with energy. Soon, you will see the city lanes bustling with people; eating at the roadside joints, going to temples, setting up their shops. 

One can see Sadhu-saints, kids, vendors, local people, national and international tourists, traveler groups, and a lot of animals. City dwellers’ general kindness towards street animals teaches a lesson of co-existing. Saints and foreigners are equally welcomed for candid conversations over a cup of tea. 

Youngsters and elders connect with the Ganga alike. You can see students celebrating their birthday on a boat ride in Ganga or families and elderly simply sitting on the Ghats late evening having life conversations over some masala chai. It can easily be concluded that Ganga is an integral part of their lives, be it joy or sorrow. 

Kashi is like solitude far away from the noise of the world. Kashi can turn you into poet; there is a strange serenity that you would want to absorb and take back. But, since you can’t, you will miss it till when you get back again. There’s something here that feels like own even if it is you don’t belong here. The city embraces everyone like a grandmother. Every lane feels like an old story waiting to be unfolded. Such countless stories will keep you hooked to come back again. Come back again to a grandmother for a new story from her kitty of plentiful untold ones!  

Image Source: @the_exploring_learner

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